Flat Earth Theory (Yes you read that right)

    I don't know why I subject myself to the idiocracy of watching videos on YouTube about people who believe the Earth is flat and try every way possible to prove this. I guess I just find it fascinating that there are so many people who the education systems of the world have failed. Or ,maybe, I'm secretly looking for that smoking gun to prove to me that this could really be a possibility. Um... yeah. Which every it is, I continue to seek out these monstrosities of knowledge to obtain a laugh.
    Now, granted, I am not a scientist by any means, nor am I extremely knowledgeable of some scientific fact. I am however going by what I have learned through out my life by means of common sense, and an education. I want to weigh in on this subject and try to add to the rebuttal against the Flat Earth Theory. Now lets dive in shall we...

[1]  You can't see the curve of the Earth.
Well of course not. The Earth is a really big place. Its not going to be visibly curved unless your really high up and many people could attest for the horizon having a curve from an airplane. However I know you just try to say that the windows are curved to make it look like its not flat. Still Common sense. I've seen videos where people try to draw a line on the horizon and say, "Where is the curve?" Well look at your line, and look at the actual horizon. Yep there most definitely is a curve there. Also, I have my own theory here. Einstein's theory of relativity states that gravity can attract light. So light will bend around a planet. Wouldn't it be feasible to say that the Earth could look flatter then it really is cause the light is bending to us? Just a idea. Not sure here though. 

[2]  The Earth spins too fast, we should fly off.
All I have to say here is: The "Law" of Gravity. You can't see it, and you can't feel it but there is a force that softly pulls everything to the Earth. That is why water doesn't fly up into the sky, that's why we don't fly away.

[3]  A plane should be able to just lift off the ground without moving in any direction and land again to be in a different spot.
Come on! The "Law" of Inertia. If you are traveling in a bus at 70 miles per hour you can stand up and walk around almost normally. The space your in is traveling at 70 mph and you were pushed to that speed through the law of inertia so now your going 70 mph as well. Same thing works for the spin of the earth. Gravity pulls to the speed of the spin while also holding you and everything else to the earth. So now everything is going the speed of the Earth. Including the atmosphere which kinda makes it hard to just rise up and hover to let the Earth spin beneath you. 

 [4]  The sun is as small as the moon and it is much closer to us. It moves around the flat Earth in a circle to shine light on us. 
How do you explain sunsets.

[5]  Sunsets and sunrises occur due to perspective. As the sun moves farther away from you it sets.
O.K. Lets think about this for a minute. What happens when something moves farther and farther into the horizon from your perspective? Well it gets smaller right? So tell me how something that is suppose to be getting smaller, cause its moving farther away from you, actually get bigger as it nears the horizon. The light being magnified a and bent by the curve of the Earth that's how.

[6] The disk Earth is accelerating upwards to create the feeling of so called gravity.
"GRAVITY!" For this to even be possible the Earth would have to keep accelerating to keep creating the gravity feeling. That means it would be accelerating infinitely. It would have to continue to go faster and faster. But nothing can travel faster then light, right?

[7] If you take a level up in a plane it would have to show that the plane is constantly pointing its nose down to compensate for the curve of the Earth.
I'm sorry, I died laughing for a minute. If you take a level up in a plane in either the flat earth or ball earth scenarios, no matter what it will always look level. Duh! In a ball earth the level will stay level because, well, Gravity. Try again.

That is about all I have for now. Got anything to add? Got any real hard proof that I am full of crap?
Feel free to comment below.