So here it is; The end of a wonderfully horrible year. Russia threatening to blow things up, China making their own land in the ocean, numerous celebrities kicking the bucket, Donald Trump being elected president, and my boss making me want to a new job just about every day this year are just some of the craziness of this year.
    My year started off by getting a little too drunk and banging my head open on a toilet seat. Then came more stress at work with my boss periodically reminding me that I don't live up to his standards. I pretty much just try to coast through this year without loosing what little bit of sanity I have left. Then came winter; the perfect time for a car to take a crap on a person. I was down a vehicle, and a friend and coworker of mine gave me a ride for a couple weeks. Then the unthinkable happened; He helped me get a new vehicle. When I say new I mean new to me. I am cursed to own used cars that usually have only a year or 2 of life left in them.
   The point is I have never had anyone help me the way he did. I am extremely grateful to him. Now I look forward to 2017 as the year that I start living with a little less stress and hopefully a little happiness.  Providing that President Trump doesnt screw it up for everybody.