What I saw at Walmart

 I was in Walmart yesterday just walking around with the wife and mother in-law. When I stumbled upon something that I found pretty funny. I'm sure most of you are aware of what a G2 pen looks like. You should also know that G2's are gel pens. One of my favorite kind of pens, however I don't need to buy pens anymore cause I can get them for free from work. Anyways I saw a rack of pens on the side of an isle. There were G2 pens on the top and on the bottom of various colors, with a cardboard sign hanging in the middle. Here is a picture I took of the sign.

 As you can see in the on the sign there are no pencils that are visible. And as I said the G2 pens that you see under the sign are the same as what was above it as well. So.... who doesn't know the difference in what a pen and a pencil are?

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