To Russia with Meme...

   So I read in the news this morning that Russia has outlawed the use of memes depicting celebrities or public figures. Here is a news article on the subject.

  In respons to this news I would like to share a meme that I just created. I think its kinda funny. If you don't, sorry about your luck.

Feel free to comment below. :)
happy Meme-ing.


The End Is Near!!!!

    I'm sure you've all seen the crazy homeless looking guy standing outside of business holding the infamous "The end is near," sign. Well the way this year is shaping up they could very well have the last laugh.
     So the world believes that Russia is trying to rebuild the Soviet Union. Russia believes that NATO is trying to take its land. The US is trying like hell to calm things down but at the same time adding fuel to the fire.
     I have read most of the news articles out there. I get online every day when I get home from work and look the news over. It is my personal belief that if things keep going the way they are currently we will be in World War 3 before no time. This time it wont just be a simple war. No, this time there are nukes involved. The world will not survive this war. We can try to keep nukes out of the equation for as long as possible but at some point someone will loose their patience and press that button. I know I don't want to die. I don't want the world to die. I don't want anyone to die. But if The US and Russia go to war it is inevitable. So....

"Please Russia! Please United States! PleaseNATO! Calm the F&#@ down! Some of us don't want this crap."

    I know its pretty much a waste of my breath but (Enter cheesy quote) can't we all just get along. Instead of spending money on upgrading our nuclear weapons and updating our arsenal, why don't we do something like space exploration. Work on solving problems like interstellar travel and find planets to colonize that way if some day we do blow ourselves up, our species survives.

  Anyone got anything to add feel free to comment.


What I saw at Walmart

 I was in Walmart yesterday just walking around with the wife and mother in-law. When I stumbled upon something that I found pretty funny. I'm sure most of you are aware of what a G2 pen looks like. You should also know that G2's are gel pens. One of my favorite kind of pens, however I don't need to buy pens anymore cause I can get them for free from work. Anyways I saw a rack of pens on the side of an isle. There were G2 pens on the top and on the bottom of various colors, with a cardboard sign hanging in the middle. Here is a picture I took of the sign.

 As you can see in the on the sign there are no pencils that are visible. And as I said the G2 pens that you see under the sign are the same as what was above it as well. So.... who doesn't know the difference in what a pen and a pencil are?