Could 2015 be the end of the world?

So... Could it?
  Fear of kicking the bucket is without a doubt my worst fear. Sometimes it's so bad It literally throws me into panic attacks.  One think that is really worrying me now a days is the threats to humanity that we have seen in 2014. 
   The Ebola virus has the potential to reek havoc on the entire planet if its not contained. Lets face it. The world is dragging its feet here. "Common People!" If we don't come up with some kind of treatment soon its inevitable that Ebola will become the next global plague. And I mean like biblical style people, not just dark ages.

Global Warming.
  I never really believed too much in the global warming thing, until recently. Here it is January and we still have had hardly any snow. Last year was cold as hell, if hell was cold, cause of the polar vortex falling apart. Was that cause of global warming too? 

World War.
  This is the one that worries me the most. The world is on the verge of going at it with Russia. And why? Cause they want Ukraine? I would say let them have it, but where would it stop? That is the big issue. We stand by and let Russia just do what it wants and they just do more of what it wants. Give someone an inch they take a mile, right? The problem is that we cannot go to war with Russia. If we do, you can pretty much guarantee it will end in nuclear ballistic missiles from both sides raining down upon the world. Would we survive? I don't think so. 

I'm not a religious person but I have considered reading the Book of Revolations in the Bible to see If the current events of the world add up to what crazy things that are  happening. 

This concludes my rant about the threats to the world.