Government Shutdown?

   So the government don't know how to manage their money. Neither do some Americans. I just would like to know why they insist on cutting programs that help the poor. That's right! The Poor! Being one of them, I can tell you that things can really suck when you cant afford anything. I have enough money to pay my gas, electric, water, sewer, and house payment. The rest of my money goes to gas in the car to go to work, to try to make more money to pay more bills. If it wasn't for the little bit of help I can get, I wouldn't be able to buy food. Now Obamacare is coming. I will finally have health insurance. Ya, I don't currently have any. It's too expensive through my employer. Seeing how my current income is under the poverty level, I will be able to get medicaid soon. Unless of course congress manages to get rid of it. I have been living paycheck to paycheck my whole life. I would like to see those Republicans live like me for a couple of months, and see how they handle it. They think the're so smart.