Free stuff.

  What ever happened to all the free stuff. Did it disappear or am I just not looking in the right place. I use to be able to find all kinds of free software on the net. Now its just  bunch of demos. That's just what I want to do; play a game long enough to get hooked only to have it stop and tell me I need to buy it. Yuck. I don't about anyone else but that's really annoying.
  There is one site that offers a free program every day. Free Downloads Center I check in there just about every day to see what twenty dollar program the are offering for free.
  Free music? Ha! The only free music you can download is by band that few people have heard of, unless you want to risk downloading torrent files and acquiring your music through a peer to peer program like Bit Torrent.
There is always You Tube, but they are video's, you would need to download them, and convert them into a mp3 file.
  I guess where there is a will, there is a way. If you dig deep enough on the net you may find what you are looking for, but good luck. You may want to grab a snickers, cause your not going anywhere for awhile.

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